Acrylic display cases contain the mystery of commodity display

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Nowadays, the use of acrylic display cases to set off the selling point of goods and enhance the shopping experience has become a major trend. In major shopping malls or shops, we increasingly see acrylic display cases in the display of goods play a huge role. It can be said that acrylic d

The importance of displaying goods

For customers shopping for goods, visuals in the display cabinet generally only stay 2 seconds, how to use this short 2 seconds, to grab the customer's eye, in fact, is not simple. A good display of goods must do visual focus, space momentum, the overall rhythm, and product combination. This process not only requires in-depth exploration of graphic design, display design, and knowledge of space design but also mastering a variety of tools, and novel materials used.


Advantages of acrylic display cases

 acrylic display cases

1. Outstanding display effect

Acrylic display cases have a variety of styles, with a good decorative effect, so that the display of goods play an unusual charm, helps to improve the brand image and recognition, so as to attract customers, but also to evoke emotional resonance so that customers have the desire to buy, to promote sales.

2. Practical and convenient

Acrylic display cases have a solid structure, free assembly, quick disassembly, easy transportation, suitable for a variety of goods on display; and the weather resistance and aging resistance of acrylic panels are also very good, with this plate made of display shelves or display windows suitable for a long time in a variety of environments.

3. High transmittance

Acrylic display cases are up to 92% translucent, comparable to glass display cases, acrylic display cases so that display of their products seems to be a dignified atmosphere, a very sense of quality.

4. Not fragile

Acrylic display cases have a high surface hardness, are not fragile, and even if destroyed, will not be like the formation of sharp fragments of glass. This is a very important advantage for merchandise display cases, because some merchandise display cases placed above the trial, will be very frequently taken out of use, which there is a security risk: accidentally brought down how to do? What if they fall on the floor and break? How to hurt the customer? If you choose acrylic display cases, you don't have to worry about this problem at all.