Mei GongqingMei GongqingMei GongqingMei GongqingMei Gongqing

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Mei GongqingMei GongqingMei GongqingMei GongqingMei GongqingMei GongqingMei Gongqing

Shang Sou soon came back, and sure enough, when the steward heard Shang Sou's words, she immediately decided that Chen Rong would be responsible for all the expenses of the courtyard. Although she had been in charge of it herself these days, now that the steward said it was tantamount to putting the matter on the table. After Chen Rong answered this matter, the servants in the courtyard finally relaxed completely. Especially after knowing how tight the food outside was, they went to the warehouse for a while all day. Even the flat woman looked for a long time at the more than twenty carts of grain and chestnuts in the warehouse. Came back to her with a smirk on her face. Also, more than twenty carts of grain chestnuts, if only they eat themselves, they can eat for twenty years. At a time when everyone is worried about food, they are very satisfied with such a large amount of wealth. Time flies by. In the twinkling of an eye, the next afternoon. In the past two days, Chen Rong stayed in his courtyard. She knew that Chen Wei was on fire, and with her character, where could she stand being pointed at by others? She must have cried and kept explaining, saying that Ran Min had never said that she would not marry her, that she had never been jealous of bullying Chen Rong. If she sees herself at this time, something will happen. In the evening, Chen Rong, who was bored, sat in his study and practiced the piano. Suddenly, a loud voice came to her ears, "where is Chen's a Rong?" Without waiting for the woman to open her mouth, the old man replied loudly, "My girl is here." "This is the worship of the palace.". Invite the girl to dinner tonight. Shang Sou was overjoyed. He thanked her repeatedly and said, "There's a post about my girl?"? That's great. The man in the palace laughed. "Why should the old man belittle himself? We all saw and admired your girl's intelligence all the way.". Speaking of it, if she had a better family background, she would have been spread by those celebrities and become a guest of the girls in the boudoir. Even now, if our palace doesn't invite her, I'm afraid there will be gossip. Ha ha, don't say, don't say. The girl must be on time tonight. The man was also interesting. After a few steps,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, he turned around and said, "Wang's Qilang is here, too. Ah Rong must be happy to see him.". Ha-ha As soon as the man left, Shang Sou ran to the door and shouted, "Girl, it's a post from the palace." As soon as his voice fell, the door creaked open. This time, Chen Rong is also smiling. Shang Sou was happy to see her. First he giggled for a while. In a twinkling of an eye, his face was bitter. "The girl is so happy. Is it because she can see Wang Qilang?"? As soon as she was about to go to the banquet, Chen Rong, with the help of Pingdi, stepped up her time to bathe. As for the clothes, because the old clothes were made by Pingcheng, they were out of date in such places as Nanyang, and the new clothes were not driven out, she could only put on the bright yellow and lavender clothes again. In a twinkling of an eye, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Blue Bottle Serum, Xu Shi arrived. Chen Rong, freshly groomed and well-dressed, sat in the carriage. When her carriage drove out of the courtyard, Chen Wei next door, as well as several Chen girls, stopped laughing and turned to look at her. Staring at her carriage leaving, Chen Qian kicked the ground bitterly and said angrily, "This palace is too deceptive!"! It is said that the Wang family of Langya has come again, and only the leading people of each family can go there. It is also said that the invitation is limited! Hum, why do you say so much? That Chen Rong also just said a few words on the road, in order to seduce Wang Qilang to play the piano for a while, unexpectedly gave up my legitimate daughter, asked her this kind of status person to go? Chen Qian scolded here, turned to see Chen Wei's face livid, can not help laughing: "I am good, do not go to the banquet.". Wei, I heard that your Ran Lang was robbed by this shameless woman? Chen Wei didn't like to hear this. Her face turned red, and she pulled her neck and hurriedly shouted, "No!"! I just said that's not the case. Once again, the girls who heard her excuse had a tacit smile on their faces. This kind of smile that you know and I know is very abominable, Chen Wei is so angry that his face is purple! Chapter 38 he said. Updated March 20, 2011 20:14:08 Words: 1968 Chen Rong's carriage drove slowly into the street. At this moment, when the lanterns are on, the lanterns are floating under the eaves, and the streets are sparsely populated. Only after passing through some alleys, can we feel the prosperity brought by the fragrance of powder and the sound of string and bamboo from the pink lights and laughter of the windows. Sitting in the carriage, Chen Rong lowered her head and looked calm, but her hands were tightly twisting the corners of her skirt. Because she twisted too hard, the flat woman on one side looked at her worriedly, fearing that the only beautiful dress she could take out would be scattered by her. Just then, Chen Rong let go of his hands, took a deep breath, closed his eyes and whispered, "Woman, I'm a little nervous." The woman looked at her with pity and said, "Girl, Wang Qilang is a celestial being. Forget about him." As soon as she said this, Chen Rong couldn't help laughing. She pursed her lips and said to the woman with a smile, "It's much better to be nervous when the woman says this." The flat woman was stunned and looked at her in puzzlement. Chen Rong stretched out his hand and lifted the curtain of the car with a loud noise. Looking at the sparse stars in the sky, Chen Rong murmured, "You've all died once. What else is there to be afraid of?" The voice is extremely low. By this time the carriage had turned a lane into another street. As soon as I entered here, there was a bright light in front of me, and in the midst of the noise, I could see all the carriages coming in and out. Shang Sou called from outside, "Girl, we're almost there." Just as Chen Rong was about to answer, a carriage rushed past her. It was a wide carriage painted black, and the two horses pulling the carriage were also dark and tall. When Chen Rong looked at the carriage, the curtain of the carriage was lifted, and a handsome and cold face appeared in front of her eyes. Suddenly to this person, Chen Rong subconsciously then wants to pull down the car curtain, her hand only then pulls the car curtain,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and stops in a hurry. The man's dark eyes stared at her right hand, then turned to stare at him. I don't know what he did, and the carriage began to move closer to Chen Rong's carriage.