John Madden famed head coach and broadcaster

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Another possibility EA may consider for its cover star is, naturally, one the most popular players in the team who will be defending their championship this year Madden 23 Coins. Aaron Donald has somehow never been on the Madden cover before despite being the best defensive player in the league for more than the past decade. Are we in the midst of a new year? Donald is rumored to retire this offseason. That means the 2022 season could be his last on the field, and also his first time on the Madden cover.

Everyone loves a quarterback. EA enjoys them so much that they put not just two quarterbacks on the cover of Madden 22. They had both already appeared present on Madden cover in the past. For Madden 23 it is if EA decides to spotlight an up-and-coming QB as it has done in the past (Brady notwithstanding), Burrow is as wise a pick as any. He's flashy in the way EA

This could work particularly well when this year's Madden has a focus on improving the mechanics of wideouts, similar to previous years when the publisher has shown that they prefer to feature an athlete that is compatible with a distinctive new feature introduced within the game.

Although the Madden team could have missed the perfect opportunity to put #22 on its cover Madden 22, Derrick Henry's campaign would've been a source of mush for the Madden Curse crowd following his injury. got hurt a third of the time through the season. He failed to perform in his only playoff game following the injury Cheap Madden 23 Coins. There is no doubt that Henry has the capacity to keep his hammering on, therefore he'll be back next year and prove he can remain the best running back for the NFL.