Medical disposable iv infusion set iv drip set

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It is used to pass the I.V. Fluid directly into the veins. The system of administration employs a drip chamber which prevents air entering into the blood stream and allows estimate and smooth flow of intravenous fluid in our vein.

Infusion set description

Accessories of iv infusion set

Vented spike, Dripping Chamber, Medicine Filter, Flow Regulator, Latex Tube, Luer Lock / Slip Connector, Infusion Tube, Y-injection port , Connector, Mould Chamber and so on

1,Protective cap for closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in, but allows the entrance of ETO gas

2,Apporoximately 15 drops/ml,20 drops/ml or other

3,Closure piercing device made of white PVC, Apporoximately 15 drops/ml,20 drops/ml

4,Drip chamber made of soft PVC

5,Flow Regulator made of polyethylene

6,Soft and kink resistant medical grade PVC tubing

7,Terminal fitting protective cap (luer slip or Luer-lock adapter upon request) made of PVC or polystyrene medical consumables infusion set

Medical Disposable Infusion Set Accessories

Medical Disposable Infusion Set Accessories

Medical Disposable Infusion Set Accessories

Infusion set

Operation method of medical disposable infusion set

Before use, medical staff check the disinfection validity period of the disposable infusion set and whether there is any air leakage or other abnormalities in the packaging, take out the infusion set, and insert the bottle insertion needle into the infusion bottle (if it is an infusion bag, unless the air inlet tube and the bottle insertion needle are integrated. Infusion set, otherwise it is not necessary to open the air inlet device, i.e. insert the air inlet needle or open the air inlet hole).

Hang the infusion bottle on the infusion rod, exhaust the gas until the liquid flows to the lower end of the infusion tube, close the regulator, and then insert the venous needle into the sterilized vein. After fixing, untie the tourniquet and adjust the flow rate.

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