Medical Disposable Sterile Infusion Set 50mm Drip Chamber Dropper For IV SET

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Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Disinfecting Type:EO
Properties:Infusion Transfusion
Size:General Medical Supplies
Shelf Life:5 years
Material:Medical Grade ABS
Quality Certification:ce

Product Description

Disposable Sterile Infusion Set and Blood Transfusion Drip Chambers are assembled onto infusion sets or blood transfusion sets, for dropping evenly, and vent purpose.

Medical disposable sterile infusion set dropper


Air Vented Drip Chamber With Filter
Chamber - PVC;Spike - ABS
60drops/ml or 20drops/ml

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Medical disposable infusion set dropper  Medical disposable infusion set dropper for IV SET  Medical disposable sterile infusion set dropper  Medical disposable sterile infusion set dropper

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Medical disposable sterile infusion set dropper packing  delivery Medical disposable sterile infusion set dropper packing  delivery

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The dropper of medical sterile infusion set is made of PVC. High-performance polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is considered to be a safer and higher-performance material for making disposable infusion sets. PVC is a kind of polymer material, the full name It is Polyvinylchlorid, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and the structural formula of its monomer is CH2=CHCl.

The medical disposable infusion tube can be used as an automatic drip irrigation device, and automatic watering is completed by hitting the hanging bottle. Find a plastic bottle and use a hot ground screwdriver to drill a small hole of about 5mm underneath. Insert the needle of the infusion tube, and glue the interface with water to prevent water leakage.

Insert the other end of the infusion tube into the soil, and the flow rate can be adjusted by yourself. When drip irrigation, the bottle cap should be removed. If it is an upside-down plastic bottle, a small hole should be made at the bottom of the bottle to increase the air pressure, otherwise the water will not come out after half of the drip.

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