If we look back on past athletes that have graced the cover previously

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However there is a disadvantage that once they have played for 10 hours of playing players are required purchase a full version of the title should they want to continue playing Madden 23 Coins. Hope they'll run the game better this time around, considering there were frequent issues last year that saw the 10-hour clock running down , even when there was no game.

One of the most significant announcements in games that feature sports is the announcement of the protagonist. Madden 22 decided to pick Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes and, in doing so, created history with Madden 22 and the Madden franchise. Brady Mahomes and Brady are two former cover stars to team up as the first ever to be in their 2nd Madden cover. This was also the second time in history that two athletes were featured on the Madden cover at the same time. Madden 10 was the other cover that featured both Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald. With Madden 22 set to arrive behind us, it's time for us to think which of the most popular athletes are likely to be featured on this cover for Madden 23.

Madden 22 cover - Madden NFL 22

Because Madden 22 featured an athlete on the cover so it's unlikely EA will repeat something similar to this ever again. It's only been done two times and If they are consistently putting both athletes in the covers it takes away from the significance that it presents when it does happen. You also have to take into consideration that since Brady and Mahomes have appeared in the same spot twice and twice, it is unlikely that it will be either one of them.

If we look back on past athletes that have graced the cover previously, it's not like a season in which there will be another repeater. There's only one repeat player I can see appearing on the cover Cheap Mut 23 Coins. However, the rest would of them will be brand new to Madden 23.