Safety reminders for the selection and use of electric blankets

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Traditional and cheap electric blankets still have a large market in our country, but electric blankets frequently cause fire accidents, so we must choose qualified electric blankets and use them safely.

First, Tips for choosing electric blankets


1. The price is cheap and it is difficult to find a good product. It is understood that most of the electric blankets that caused the fire accident came from some small shops or wholesale markets, with a unit price of 20 to 30 yuan. According to industry insiders, the minimum unit price of electric blankets that meet national standards is more than 40 yuan.


2. Most of the thin and soft heating wires are unqualified. The heating wires of qualified electric blankets are thicker and feel harder to the touch, while the heating wires of unqualified products are softer and feel like thin toothpicks.


3. Check whether the joint is firm. The joints of qualified electric blankets are very firm and can withstand repeated forceful pulling. The joints of unqualified electric blankets can be pulled apart with a little force, which is prone to fire at the joints, causing fires and electric shocks when they are wet. ACCIDENT.


4. Double helix heating wire must be used. The "Safety Standards for Electric Blankets" implemented on January 1, 2004 required the use of double-helix heating wires. Previously, all types of electric heating blankets were straight or single-helix wires, which had potential safety hazards and should be eliminated immediately. So far, the heating wires of inferior electric blankets are mostly straight lines or single helixes, and everyone should pay attention to identification.


Second, Use safety tips


1. Instructions for use The electric blanket should be laid flat on the mattress. It is best to fix the four corners with ropes. It cannot be folded and used, nor can it be used on an adjustable bed, otherwise the heating wire will be easily broken and stuck. It is forbidden to use heating appliances such as hot water bottles and ironing pots on the electric blanket, which will increase the thermal effect of the electric blanket, causing the temperature to rise and cause fire due to poor heat dissipation. After laying the electric blanket, do not let the child jump on the bed, otherwise it is easy to step on the heating wire.


2. Reasonably adjust the temperature. Preheat in the high temperature gear for about 1 hour, no more than 2 hours, then adjust to the low temperature gear, and keep warm in the low temperature state. The temperature controller cannot be placed under the quilt or pillow, let alone close to other heat sources: when not in use, the temperature controller should be turned off and the power plug should be unplugged.


3. Service life The safe service life of the electric blanket is 6 years, and the safe service life of the electric heating pad is 3 years.


4. Storage instructions After winter, when the electric blanket is not in use, it should be lightly stacked and placed in a hard box, and it should not be subjected to heavy pressure, so as not to produce hard creases and break. Once the electric blanket gets wet, it should be hung up to dry immediately. It cannot be washed or dry cleaned, nor exposed to the sun, baked or ironed.


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