How to choose a good electric blanket

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With the arrival of winter, many people cannot live without electric blankets, so how can we choose a good electric blanket.

In the past few days, the quick-freezing mode has been turned on, what a cold word! It was cold outside, and it was cold when I got home. Even the bed was cold, and I shivered for a while when I sat in it, but I couldn't cover it. Open the orange software to search for electric blankets, and a variety of product types pop up, which makes people feel difficult for a while. An electric blanket can be used for at least three years, which is a household appliance that needs to be used for a long time.

Therefore, choosing a good-quality electric blanket can solve many small troubles in winter.


So, how to choose a reliable electric blanket?


1. Security Certification

Electrical products must have safety certification.

Hangzhou Xiaoyang Electric Blanket has passed the US safety UL964 test and ETL certification.


2. The automatic shutdown function is a must

Although the electric blanket is easy to use, it is an electrical product after all, and it will cause safety hazards if used for a long time. Especially in winter, if you fall asleep with an electric blanket on and heat it up for a long time, the temperature in the bed is too high, and you can’t remember to turn it off when you fall asleep, which may easily cause low-temperature burns.

The electric blanket with automatic shutdown function can ensure the safety of electricity use to a greater extent and avoid unnecessary safety hazards.


3. Double zone control is more comfortable

When couples use electric blankets, does this happen often: turn on the low gear, the other party is just right, but you don’t feel hot enough; turn on the high gear, the other party is too hot, but you feel just right. After a little friction, one party had to compromise in the end.

The electric blanket with dual-zone control perfectly solves this trouble. Different temperatures can be set on both sides, and the needs of those who are afraid of cold and those who are afraid of heat can be met.


4. Support washing is healthier

Electric blankets that cannot be washed have a short service life, and mites will breed after a short period of use, causing skin problems. In 2022, we still have to use washable electric blankets. The service life is extended, and it is more hygienic.


The electric blanket produced by Hangzhou Xiaoyang Household Textiles Co., Ltd. uses high-quality double-helix electric heating wire, eight-fold protection, supports machine washing, and rejects potential safety hazards. Temperature-sensitive protective layer and flame-retardant protective layer, double protection polyester core. Anti-aging insulation is more resistant to folding. Choose high-quality materials to make electric blankets, welcome customers to choose and buy.