Optimize Your Cloud Spends with KnackForge's AWS CloudCost

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KnackForge’s CloudCost tool brings new insights and transparency into your AWS spending, simple-to-understand dashboards, and in-depth reports, all in a single robust cloud management platform for free.

KnackForge's AWS CloudCost

Cloud cost optimization is a process and methodology to ensure customers are availing of all the essential services, tools, and resources to continuously track, optimize, and control their overall cloud spending. 

KnackForge’s CloudCost tool brings new insights and transparency into your AWS spending, simple-to-understand dashboards, and in-depth reports, all in a single robust cloud management platform for free. Our tool ensures that you have complete visibility into your cloud infrastructure and helps you monitor your cloud resources and control your cloud spending. 

CloudCost also helps you optimize and reduce your overall cloud spending by identifying idle, underutilized, and over-provisioned resources. 

Common CloudCost Optimization Challenges  

Today enterprise needs to monitor resources spread across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. This requires monitoring multiple reports and dashboards to track resource consumption and costs. When managed poorly, cloud spending will be unsteady and exceed the planned budget. Here are the top reasons for your AWS cost increase, 

Limited Cloud Cost Visibility

Lack of unified visibility makes it challenging to correlate data, identify unused environments, control virtual sprawl, and analyze cloud spending.

Lack of Predictability

As teams have limited means for unified cloud cost analysis, they are unable to predict trends and patterns or plan for any spikes in usage.   

Lack of Accurate Insights

While organizations can view their overall costs and consumption, they still need to have a breakdown of their cloud costs. This prevents them from taking necessary actions to improve cloud cost efficiency.  

Lack of awareness   

Teams need to keep up with the AWS services and offerings. AWS keeps introducing new updates that could help in saving costs. For example, the GP3 version of EBS volumes costs 20% less than the GP2 version. Many customers still use GP2. 

Why KnackForge's AWS CloudCost? 

KnackForge’s AWS CloudCost tool makes it easy for the end user to view the potential savings without a single click. 

Insight from a simplified dashboard 

CloudCost breaks down by date, tags, and more. It brings clarity to your cloud spending. CloudCost is a free tool providing simplified out-of-the-box graphical, tabular, and easy-to-understand reports. 

Complete cost visibility 

With an easy-to-use UI, you can view the savings opportunities in AWS with analytics and resource purchasing recommendations. You can instantly identify personalized savings opportunities such as idle, underutilized, and unused resources.  

Easy-to-Understand Categories 

Easy-to-understand categories such as Compute, Storage, Database Cache, DevOps Analytics, and Network Data Transfers, which can even be understood by non-technical users.

Accurate Recommendations 

CloudCost can help you improve resource utilization and realize cost savings with tailored recommendations. 

Who can use it?

  1. CTO
  2. Architects
  3. Team leads
  4. System administrators
  5. Accounts Professionals with AWS knowledge 


   1.  Reduce or eliminate wasted cloud spending with full visibility

   2.  Easy-to-understand dashboards, graphical, tabular, and simplified reports.

   3.  Interactive dashboards and reports to understand how your money is being spent.

   4.  Helps in identifying the existing cloud waste and getting recommendations for optimization opportunities.

   5.  Optimize cloud expenses with recommendations for immediate cost savings.

   6.  Keep track of your cloud spending with ongoing access to the CloudCost tool. 


Product Overview 

Whether you are a small to medium sized organization or a huge enterprise - investing in cloud cost optimization can deliver valuable and immediate ROI on cost savings.

CloudCost offers real-time cost anomaly and waste detection to optimize cloud costs and prevent accidental overspending. With CloudCost, you can quickly understand your AWS bill, detect and remediate cost spikes, and measure the ROI of your cloud spending.

CloudCost enables instant visibility, continuous monitoring, and accurate forecasting of your cloud bills.