How to select a RO drinking water machine?

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In order to ensure that tap water meets sanitation standards, water plants often adjust the dose of chlorine in tap water to remove toxic and harmful substances.

In order to ensure that tap water meets sanitation standards, water plants often adjust the dose of chlorine in tap water to remove toxic and harmful substances. Otherwise, excess chlorine or excess chlorine may be caused. In addition, secondary pollution such as metal pipes and secondary water supply will have a certain impact on human health. That's why we need water purifiers.


At the end of the 19th century, the United States was hit by a plague of enormous proportions. Since then, chlorine has been added to water sources to sterilize and prevent infection. This is the original tap water. Later scientific research found that chlorine is used in large doses over a long period of time and can cause certain harm to the human body.


Water secondary pollution can also be produced in the barrel water. Relevant studies have shown that unsealed bottled water stored for more than 24 hours will have different degrees of bacteria stay in the bucket, especially in the process of secondary recycling of bottled water, manufacturers do not disinfect in time will also cause bacterial infection.


With the maturing of water purification technology, household reverse osmosis water filter countertop is becoming more and more popular. Quality water, drinking water, kitchen water, bath water and flushing, laundry, mopping and other domestic water separate, to choose the right water purifier drinking water machine, we should first understand the basic principle of water purifier. Water purifier is also called water purifier or water purifier, usually refers to the small water purification equipment used in the home. Here we take a look at some aspects that should be paid attention to when choosing a water purifier.


1, choose their own water purifier flow

The filter element capacity of water purifier is generally divided into 400G (gal) or 600G. The smaller the capacity of the filter element, the higher the frequency of replacing the filter element. Therefore, combined with the family's own water needs, choose their own products, but also have to consider this aspect of factors.


  1. Wastewater ratio of water purifier

The so-called waste water, also known as "concentrated water", refers to the impurities and harmful substances in the water, after filtration to be discharged in the form of concentrated water, in order to reduce the bearing capacity of the filter element, extend the service life of the filter element, reduce the maintenance cost of the filter element.



  1. Check the health approval documents


To choose the regular store, and then check whether the brand, model product has health approval, approval content is consistent with the real thing. Don't be greedy and cheap to buy no production date, no health approvals and no factory name "three no" products.


  1. Rationally identify product functions


Some manufacturers will falsely exaggerate the function of water-related products, illegally labeled "alkaline water", "activated water", "oxygen-rich water" and other effects to deceive consumers. In fact, wading products are not allowed to expressly or implicitly have the effect of disease prevention and control, should be purchased according to the actual demand, to avoid being misled by the manufacturer.


  1. Install and use water purifiers as required


After the installation of household water purifier, it is necessary to replace the filter element, filter membrane and other health maintenance measures on time according to the instructions, otherwise it is easy to cause secondary pollution of water quality. For the water purifier, from the point of view of health and safety, we recommend that you boil before drinking. Some users want to test the water quality after installation, you can contact qualified water quality testing institutions for sampling and testing.


6, whether to have a perfect after-sales service system

Choose the water purifier must choose a perfect after-sales service system of the brand, such as the local must have a number of after-sales service outlets of the brand, then the water purifier once there is any problem is difficult to find the repair point, in this case, buy back the water purifier can only be a decoration.