Best Animal Crossing Items Guide - 9 Best ACNH Items For Fall In New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons success is largely due to the amazing extent to which players can create a world of their own imagination. In the game, players can customize their own island to attract tourists and villagers to the island. Especially in this autumn season, players can enjoy the atmosphere of autumn and Halloween at the same time. In this article, we'll introduce the 9 best Cheap Animal Crossing Bells for this fall, from cute outdoor accessories to decorations to celebrate Halloween.


1. Leaf Campfire

In Animal Crossing, all islands have a mandatory campsite that allows people to visit the island without permanent residency, it is a very important aspect of New Horizo​​​​ns. In the game, players can choose any way to decorate the area around the campsite, usually people choose a comfortable outdoor feel similar to a real campsite. Nothing says autumn is coming like leaves falling from a tree, and the leafy campfire brings an authentic, natural feel to the game.


2. Log Bed

Animal Crossing New Horizons has many log furniture items to bring an outdoor feel to your home, and the woodsy scenery perfectly captures the natural beauty of autumn and shows the changing seasons. Animal Crossing beginners can purchase a bed, and the frame and bedding can be customized on any DIY table. Players can change these regularly and make and download custom designs to suit any taste.



3. Autumn Wall

Animal Crossing players can buy wallpapers from Saharah the camel once a week, or they can be sold in the island store, the wallpapers provided depend on the luck of the player in the draw. If players are lucky enough to find autumn walls, the gorgeous wooden scenery helps make the game's boxy rooms feel more open. The wooded tree design can also be used for temporary indoor gardens if the player wishes.


4. Soup Kettle

With fall upon, there are plenty of hearty food options to choose from, and especially when the weather gets cooler, kettles and delicious soups are a must. Due to its likeness, the soup kettle also doubles as the witch's cauldron. Cauldrons are especially suitable for use with witch costumes, or as part of a spellcasting room in a player's home for practicing magic. So for foodies playing Animal Crossing, there are plenty of food-themed items can be bought for kitchens, cafe, or any similar venue on the island, indoors or outdoors.


5. Mush Table

Whether in real life or the game, the wetter weather in autumn provides the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow. For players who like sense of realism, there will be a lot of mushroom-related items popping up in the game around this season. A mush table is a real-world object (is mushroom), that acts like a dining table at home, and players can place these giant mushrooms in their home or place items on them.



6. Spooky Fence

Players can use fences to separate the lands from each other or provide more structure to the various elements of the island. The fences of Animal Crossing usually require DIY recipes, and players must find the necessary materials to make them, or you can directly buy ACNH Items from a third party. In-game, these pumpkin-themed fences have a gothic surreal feel that's perfect for spooky seasons.



7. Spooky Table

For the upcoming Halloween, New Horizon provides players with many pumpkin-themed items, which are sold in the Nook's Cranny convenience store. Players can also buy pumpkin seeds in Nook's Cranny and plant them on the island. The spooky table is the bottom half of the giant pumpkin. This table is a good place to sit or place other Halloween items, such as candy or candles.


 8. Spooky Rug

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can purchase a different rug rotation at Nook's Cranny each day, and there are themed rugs for sale at different times of the year. The spooky rug features purple and orange pumpkins and ghouls, all of which are related to Halloween. A rug is a great feature in any home, and it's a great replacement for ordinary floors outdoors or as a themed picnic blanket.



9. Spooky Tree

The spooky tree is a leafless tree with pumpkins hanging from its branches, suitable for a Halloween-themed decorative tree, similar to a Christmas tree. If players buy one, they can order additional spooky trees from the Nook Stop machine and decorate their island with barren trees that reflect the seasons.



The above are the ACNH items that are suitable for Halloween and fall designs for you. I hope these items can help you design a unique autumn Halloween island. If you need other items or ACNH Items, please come to ACItems, we have 24/7 online customer service for you.