Can the electric blanket be used with the reverse side facing up?

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Electric blankets are a relatively common heating product in life. Both sides of it can be used, so it is also possible to use the reverse side up.

Electric blanket is a common heating product in life. Its use method is relatively simple. It can be directly spread on the bed. Both sides of it can be used, so it is also possible to use it with the reverse side facing up. There will be no problems, basically no impact.


There is no front and back of the electric blanket, both sides can be used normally. Some merchants will print patterns or patterns on the front of the electric blanket, mainly for the convenience of identification. However, the heating element inside the electric blanket is actually sandwiched in the middle of the electric blanket, so if placed on the backside it will also have a heating effect.


However, some manufacturers will print special materials on the front to make the front feel more comfortable, smoother and warmer to the touch. Also, the reverse side facing up will not have any effect, it has the same heating function as the front side.


There is generally no effect if the electric blanket is turned upside down. Electric blankets can be laid in reverse. If it's placed backwards, it doesn't matter. The wires in the electric blankets are between the front and back floors. However, most people turn it over with a pretty pattern, which is more aesthetically pleasing.


Because both sides of the electric blanket can be used, it needs to be replaced frequently. If there is only one side, it may cause the wire to break. Also, it gets less warm over time and can leak electricity, so I recommend you change your bed every once in a while.


Electric blankets are better with plumbing or electric heating. There is no specific statement, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Safety performance

Electric blankets for electric heating heat by heating wires, while electric blankets for water heating heat by heating high-temperature water inside. No risk of electric leakage. However, the electric blanket should not be exposed to water when in use, otherwise it may cause electric leakage accidents. If the blanket is damaged, there may be a risk of electric shock.


2. In terms of user experience

Electric blankets will produce a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation after heating, while water heating blankets rely on water circulation to heat, no radiation, no drying, suitable for the elderly, children and other people.

When using electric blankets during sleep, it is easy to feel dry skin and dry mouth, which may lead to fires in the long run.


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