Is the electric blanket made of cotton or velvet?

Electric blankets generally have sizes to choose from, including single and double, and you can choose according to your own needs. It is not recommended to buy the same size as the bed, which may easily cause damage to the electric heating wire. So, is the electric blanket better made of


1. Do I need to buy an electric blanket as big as the bed?

Smaller ones are better.


When buying an electric blanket, try to choose an electric blanket that is slightly smaller than the size of the bed. Be careful not to exceed the size of the bed, because if it is too large, the excess part wider than the bed will easily hang on the side of the bed, which is very easy to heat the middle of the electric blanket. If the wire is damaged, it is easy to short-circuit the internal circuit of the electric blanket, which will not only affect the normal use of the electric blanket, but also increase the safety hazards when using the electric blanket. This can be avoided if the electric blanket is smaller than the bed.


2. Is the electric blanket made of cotton or velvet?

Each has it's own benefits.


The electric blanket made of pure cotton fabric is made of cotton, which has a better skin-friendly feeling and strong comfort. At the same time, the electric blanket made of pure cotton fabric also has good hygroscopicity and heat resistance, making it more comfortable to use Breathable, and the electric blanket made of pure cotton has a variety of colors.

The suede electric blanket is made of fluffy fabric, which has a delicate hand feel and is very smooth to the touch, which can be better close to the skin and is more durable.

Both of them have their own advantages, and it is recommended to choose according to your own preferences and needs when purchasing.


3. Is long-term use of electric blankets harmful to the body?

There will be a certain impact.


Appropriate use of electric blankets can play a role in driving cold and keeping warm, and can well resist the cold, but if used frequently for a long time, it will have a certain impact on health. Electric blankets will continue to generate heat during use, and long-term use will accelerate the body's moisture Evaporation, so that the body is prone to dry skin, dry mouth, thirst, sore throat and other symptoms of fire due to lack of water. In addition, long-term use of electric blankets will also cause dependence on them, so that their own cold resistance will be greatly reduced. In addition, electric blankets are electrical appliances, which will produce certain radiation during use, and excessive use will also cause adverse health effects.


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