Do electric blankets have radiation? So how do we use electric blankets?

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The weather in winter is relatively cold, and many people choose to put electric blankets on their beds, so that we will feel very warm when we get into the bed, but some people think that if we keep the electric blankets on, there will be Radiation, what is the truth? How should we use th

At present, all electrical appliances on the market have their own electromagnetic waves, and electric blankets are the same, so electric blankets still have radiation, but there is no evidence that the electric radiation of electric blankets will endanger our health, so everyone Don't worry too much, and electric blankets emit less radiation than visible light.


How to use electric blanket

1. Refuse to use inferior electric blankets

Many low-quality electric blankets generally do not have 3C certification, and the quality is not very good. Electric leakage and electric shock may occur when using them.


2. Avoid turning on the electric blanket all night

When we use electric blankets, we should avoid turning them on all night, mainly because if the electric blankets are kept on, due to the rising temperature of the quilt, the blood circulation will be accelerated, which will affect our sleep quality, and sometimes it will also affect the quality of our sleep. You will feel the phenomenon of dry mouth and tongue. If the quality of the electric blanket used is not up to standard, it may be too hot and cause a fire. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn on the electric blanket for about 30 minutes before going to bed to warm the bed and then turn it off.


3. Keep it flat

When using the electric blanket, it is best to keep it in a flat state. If the electric blanket is folded, it may damage the electric heating wire inside the electric blanket.


4. Do a good job of moisturizing

When the electric blanket is in use, our skin will become dry and lose moisture in the body. At this time, you can put a humidifier in the room, or drink more water before going to bed.


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