How to handle the needle of an insulin injection pen?

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Do you know how to handle the needle of an insulin injection pen? CMC Medical specializes in supplying and selling high quality insulin injection pen needles.

For many people with diabetes, insulin injection to lower blood sugar is like three meals a day, and it has long been a common practice. However, although I have close contact with this small needle a few millimeters long on the injection pen every day, it is inevitable that some problems will arise. Do you know how to handle the insulin pen needles?


Insulin Pen Needle


Long-term repeated use, the needle breaks into the body

The old diabetic Uncle Zhang has been taking insulin treatment. On this day, after the insulin injection, Uncle Zhang suddenly found that the needle of the injection pen was missing. He hurried to the hospital for treatment. As a result, he finally found the broken insulin pen injection under the X-ray. Needle. Later, Uncle Zhang took out the broken needle after surgery. The surgeon told Uncle Zhang that the needle had traveled nearly 5 centimeters in the tissues of the body, and the well was not at the original injection site. Because the insulin needle is very small and easy to swim in the body, there are many sugar friends who are not lucky enough to take out the broken needle in the body.


Why does the pen needle break into the body easily during insulin injection? This is not a problem with the quality of the needle, but has a lot to do with the long-term repeated use of the needle. According to the survey statistics, only 8.94% of the sugar friends can use the needle once, while 40.76% of the sugar friends replace it once a week, and 28.35% of the sugar friends only replace it when they use up a refill. From the figures above, we can see that a large number of sugar lovers are reusing needles. The main reason is that the price of insulin pen needles is high, and they are not included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, so people with diabetes feel that they cannot afford the cost of use; secondly, because they do not know the harm caused by repeated use of needles, in the virtue of "saving"; even Some medical staff fail to recognize the dangers of reusing needles and mislead patients.


Reusing needles is dangerous

What are the dangers of reusing needles? In addition to the severe consequences of the needle breaking, staying in the body, or even not being able to be taken out, many problems will occur. like:


Needle clogged. There will be residual insulin crystals in the used needle, which will block the needle after repeated use, affecting the next injection, and even the liquid cannot be discharged. Therefore, the operation of correctly injecting insulin requires that 1 unit of venting be performed during the injection to ensure accurate injection of insulin.


Painful injection. Diabetics all realize that injecting insulin with an insulin pen will not feel pain, but if the needle is injected repeatedly, it will feel pain during injection, and even many diabetics will replace the new needle when they feel pain. Why does the needle feel painful after too many injections? We can clearly see that the needles are hairy, warped and inverted when we put the reused needles under the microscope, which can cause bleeding, abrasions, and increased pain at the injection site. Under the microscope, we can also see that as the number of times the needle is reused, the degree of hairiness, bending and barbs of the needle also increases.


Subcutaneous tissue hyperplasia or formation of induration at the injection site. Repeated use of deformed needles can cause microtrauma to the subcutaneous group, which in the long run can lead to the development of subcutaneous indurations. The induration will decrease the absorption rate of insulin, prolong the absorption time, and affect the control of blood sugar.


Injection site infection. After the needle is reused, bacteria in the air and on the needle tip can enter the refill through the needle tube, which not only contaminates the liquid medicine, but also increases the risk of local skin infection. To avoid infection, many sugar-lovers sterilize needles with alcohol, or even soak used needles in alcohol. Doing so will destroy the protective film on the surface of the needle, which is used to reduce injection pain. This appears to prevent infection, but actually increases pain during injections and the risk of needle breakage.


Affects the accuracy of insulin concentration and injection dose. If the needle is not removed after injection, when the temperature difference in the insulin pen is too large, the insulin in the refill will expand and overflow from the needle, resulting in a change in the concentration of premixed insulin, or the shrinkage of the insulin volume causing air to enter the refill. Air bubbles affect the accuracy of the injected dose.


Correct handling of small needles

For your own safety, do not reuse insulin pen needles and dispose of discarded needles properly. Most sugar lovers are accustomed to throwing used needles in the trash can at home, and then throwing them out together with household garbage. However, although the needle is small, it is also a medical device, and it has also been in contact with the patient's body fluids, so it cannot be disposed of together with household waste. In order to protect the environment and to prevent other people or animals from being punctured and infected by small needles, these needles should be burned.


Do not incinerate and dispose of it by yourself. The correct method should be: after sugar friends use the needles, first break the needles, and then put them in a container that cannot be punctured by needles. When more needles are collected, they will be brought to the hospital at one time, and the hospital will hand them over to professional institutions for incineration.


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