The Basic Effect Of Milky Lotion - What Is The Skin Care Effect?

The basic effect of Milky Lotion, what is the skin care effect of Milky Lotion? Why do we need to use Milky Lotion, Beaubeaux will answer these questions for you.

The basic effect of Milky Lotion, what is the skin care effect of Milky Lotion? Milky Lotion occupies an important position in skin care products, almost as famous as face cream, and it is also a skin care product that we often see and use. But there are still many friends who don't know what the effects of Milky Lotion are? Why do we need to use Milky Lotion, Beaubeaux will answer these questions for you.


Milky Lotion refers to skin care products that can maintain the skin, especially the outer stratum corneum of the skin, and add a small amount of oil to delay the evaporation of water. Milky Lotion is characterized by maintaining the balance of skin moisture and replenishing important oily properties Ingredients, hydrophilic moisturizing ingredients and moisture, and can be used as a carrier for active ingredients, so that they can be absorbed by the skin to achieve the purpose of conditioning and nourishing the skin.


Milky Lotion is a product with a water content of about 10% to 80%. It is usually milky, white, and the color is very similar to milk, so it is called Milky Lotion. Its moisturizing, moisturizing, and moisturizing effects are very good. It can not only add moisture to the skin, adjust the water-oil balance of the skin, but also delay the loss of skin moisture. Whether it is dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, targeted Milky Lotion can be used. In order to deal with different skin conditions, Milky Lotion is also divided into different textures, including refreshing type, moisturizing type, repairing type and moisturizing type.


There are many functions of Milky Lotion. Different liquids have different main effects. Generally speaking, liquids are important skin care products for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. The texture of Milky Lotion is thicker than water and thinner than face cream.


Refreshing Milky Lotion is suitable for oily skin. It feels refreshing and moisturizing without being greasy. It can hydrate the skin well. It is easier to absorb when applied to the face. It is suitable for use in summer.


The repairing liquid is very active for sensitive skin and damaged skin. It does not add irritating ingredients. It is very mild and safe. It is characterized by the fact that it may feel greasy when it is first applied. Dehydrated skin exacerbates allergies.


There are many functions of Milky Lotion, and moisturizing is the foundation, and Milky Lotion can be used all year round, moisturizing and moisturizing at the same time, preventing the skin from drying out. It is a very practical skin care product. The milky lotion used in combination with quality and active is also different. You should choose a suitable Milky Lotion according to your own needs. Skin care is a new habit that cannot be used all year round.


Cellreva Milky Lotion Agency

Cellreva Milky Lotion Agency - Beaubeaux

Cellreva Milky lotion supplied by Beaubeaux is a milky lotion containing human stem cell culture medium. A professional emulsion that comprehensively provides water, oil, water-soluble nutrients, and oil-soluble nutrients to keep the skin healthy after lotion. Emulsions play an important role in oil, oil-soluble nutrition and moisturizing, which are also important steps in skin care. Contains 4 types of ceramides (intercellular lipids), including squalane, which is a high quality skin-beautifying oil, to smooth the stratum corneum and make the skin moist and soft.


Beaubeaux (Shenzhen) Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2021. We are the global agent and distributor of the Japanese brand Cellreva. At present, our business is mainly based on e-commerce platform sales in Japan and China. All Cellreva products sold by the company are produced in Japan. We look forward to communicating and cooperating with you!