I'm finally in your family tree.

I'm finally in your family tree.I'm finally in your family tree.I'm finally in your family tree.


In the past she might have been able to resist for a while but now she was injured and physically exhausted Qingquan almost fell down when she dodged At the moment of exclamation she suddenly felt a tight waist and the next moment she was brought into a broad embrace and the whip flying in front of her was also grabbed by someone! The strong and powerful fingers accurately wrapped the tail of the whip around the palm and clenched it tightly to block the whip for her! Qingquan looked up in surprise and what came into her eyes was a strange man's face But see this person that full forehead a pair of flying eyebrows show wanton neat sideburns outline the outline of sharp edges and corners the lines of cheekbones are smooth and clear the bridge of the nose is beautiful and handsome obviously never met but Qingquan looked at his eyes and lip line there is always a sense of deja vu! When she subconsciously raised her hand to block the bridge of his nose showing only her eyes and lips she realized where the familiarity came from! At the same time his slightly teasing voice came to his ears "Although I am not the posture of heaven and man I am not ugly enough to scare people silly am I" This customary tone confirmed her guess that he was indeed Ji Wuyin! When she took off her mask she almost didn't recognize her! The author has something to say Chicken Which is more beautiful me or Nan Zai Qingquan Thanks to the grenade thrown by the girl the mine thrown by the little star and the nutrient solution irrigated by the 27428371 thank you for your comments Trade Show Services and support! The marriage of Qingquan At this moment Ji Wuyin changed his previous gloomy state took off his ink clothes and changed into a silver dress with dark leaf patterns and the whole person's breath became clear! But when he looked at the woman in red he had already removed his worries his eyes were cold and he asked in a harsh voice "Hibiscus how can you hurt people" The white hibiscus who had received the whip looked discontentedly at Ji Wuyin "It's just a few moves with her and it didn't hurt her Look how scared you are" "She was hurt and evaded everywhere but you did it again and again It was too much!" "I didn't know she was hurt!" As soon as they met they scolded her so severely Bai Jin felt very aggrieved but he knew that he was in the wrong and dared not quibble He only asked him "Why are you so nervous" Don't you like her Feng's eyebrows were slightly twisted Ji Wuyin said in a deep voice "Miss Yun is the daughter of Lady Yun She is a distinguished guest of Qianji Pavilion You are so rude If you let my father know even if you are his niece he can't spare you lightly!" Hearing this the hibiscus felt much better and smiled sweetly "So cousin are you worried about my safety" In the face of her cheeky smile Ji Wuyin frowned more deeply with a stern voice and a solemn warning "Don't avoid the important and dwell on the trivial here!"! You are not allowed to set foot in Luoxia Garden again If you dare to touch her again don't blame me for being rude to you! "If you don't come you won't come How rare do you think I am" She just came to have a look so she didn't have time to spend time with this cloud girl! Jiao snorted white hibiscus holding the whip proudly raised his head dressed in red fluttering away from the sunset garden Ji Wuyin turned to Yunqingquan and just wanted to ask her if she was injured He lowered his eyebrows and saw a long blood stain on the back of her delicate hand He squinted slightly China Suppliers Ji Wuyin turned his face sideways and threw a dart in the direction of the hibiscus's departure! The dart was thrown at the hibiscus like the wind and when she noticed the sting she looked down and saw a red mark on the back of her white hand with beads of blood! The hibiscus could not believe it her eyes wide open and she stared angrily at the man behind her "Ji Wuyin!"! You attacked me At this time Ji Wuyin did not look at her at all He had already pulled Yunqingquan to the house The autumn wind turned around and sent his cool voice to her ears "This is called giving her a taste of her own medicine!" The extremely angry hibiscus threw a meteor dart instead and Ji Wuyin did not look back He only lifted his right hand and easily clamped the dart with two fingers He threw it disdainfully on the ground and said sarcastically "If a girl is too angry she will grow old easily It's better to practice calligraphy and calm down I suggest you learn the four words'show off your incompetence before an expert 'first" ” Fortunately she was still listening to him very carefully and when she heard that he was just taunting her she was so angry that she stamped her feet but she knew that she could not beat him so she could only endure it for the time being Seeing this Qingquan was dumbfounded and sighed in a low voice "Isn't she your cousin" You threw darts at her too The way you relatives get along with each other is too A little tougher! Ji Wuyin Toys Hobbies didn't take it seriously "The dart that didn't throw poison is already merciful!" “……” Qingquan was speechless and looked at him with obvious timidity "It seems that I can't offend you otherwise I don't know how to die" Is he so horrible She has never been fierce to her so why should she guard against it But he did not clarify only pushed the boat along and threatened "Then you should be more obedient in front of me do not disobey me!" Talking and laughing he had taken her to the table in the room and sat down Dongchen heard something to help her but he sent her away Ji Wuyin personally cleaned her wound applied ointment and then took gauze to bandage her Qingquan only said no "It's just a minor injury It's not that serious If I bandage it and my mother sees it I'll be worried" She would certainly ask me how I got hurt If she knew someone was coming to her she would certainly be unhappy Maybe she would leave Qianji Pavilion Your father would certainly be unhappy Your father would be in a bad mood and you would not be happy Silently listening to this string of consequences she imagined Ji Wuyin suddenly laughed "and then what" After thinking about it Qingquan added "If you are unhappy you will find trouble with Miss Bai Jin She must be angry when she is scolded by you but she will come to me again So I think so!"! It's better not to bandage it so it saves a lot of trouble Looking at her relaxed and indifferent face Ji Wuyin felt a little sour in his heart and suddenly felt sorry for her "Whoever bullies you you should return it" People should do whatever they want so many scruples this life is too tired Hibiscus is a paper tiger I support you you do not need to be afraid of her the same in the future do not always worry about the feelings of others their own happiness is the most important do you know 。 trade-global.com